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Pike Fishing

Destination fishing Scotland offers six days of Pike fishing by boat in the Highlands on magnificent lakes, fly fishing or lure according to your desire, most of the Pike having never seen the color of a hook!
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Salmon Fishing

Looking for the King fish of our rivers, Scotland remains one of the best destination in Europe, the Atlantic salmon has three unique criteria, speed, power and endurance. Hang on to your rod!
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Trout Fishing

Wild trout fishing only by fly fishing,this stay requests aminimum physical condition because it implies river crossing in "Wadding" and walks in difficult terrain, unforgettable week!
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Mixed Fishing

The most exciting and most intensive week, fishing for trout, salmon and Pike, technique and type of river and Loch change each day for the delight of our fishermen friends; Sensation guaranteed!
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Pike Fishing Trip

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A 6 day trip, predominantly fishing on a boat, however some lake side fishing involved too. There are a variety of lakes to choose from, restricted to one lake per day to maximize the time spend catching pike. Most Scottish lakes contain pike, however sites vary in the size of pike most likely to be caught. The current record in the UK for pike is 22kg and was caught in Loch Lomand.

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Some of the techniques you could be shown (depending on the season) include : wielded death, fishing lure soft “Texan” fixtures, hard lures, “Italian”, trolling, fly streamers, and spinner bait. The use of live bait is prohibited by Scottish law. Following the advice of your guide and not giving up you will likely catch a monster pike. If you have ever fished pike before, you are in for a real treat, Scottish pike feed on wild trout so they tend to put up a big fight. The battles are typically fierce, long and tiring, so you better make sure you can cope!

We usually plan a two day excursion to the west coast of Scotland (weather permitting), this will involve a late night meal around a crackling campfire on an islet or lakeside. All camping equipment will be provided. You will awake to birdsong, with a long happy day of fishing on a boat ahead.

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Season: Pike season is open throughout the year, however some lakes close during breeding season (1st of April – 1st of May). Typically the best times of year are mid-April to mid-October, August is known to be a pike feeding frenzy. Scotland being situated in the North, experiences extreme changes in weather.

Depending on rainfall and temperature the fishing season may vary.

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